The Void Chronicles

Rosch's Quest: Log entry 01

Rosch_zoom.jpgIt’s been months since I’ve heard from Kip, the youngest of my brothers. I fear he has been consumed by the same thing that took my father years ago. What kind of an enemy leaves so little trace and endures for so long? What power could defeat a company of the Golden Lions’ most elite warriors?

I am now alone in House Korim, and it is terrible. A huge empty manor; every vacant room reminds me of another lost brother.

How maddening to know nothing of your enemy… No, I will not dash vengefully toward rumors of dark doings. My quest must begin as a quest for knowledge. I will travel to a place called the Ebonpool Abbey to arm myself with understanding of my quarry.

For I, Rosch, last of Korim’s kin, cannot afford a glorious death in battle. To die, to marry, to live on in spinsterhood, would all three condemn my father’s legacy and name to obscurity.



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